A Unicorn Is Founded — Safha

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What does “Safha” mean?

Safha, meaning “page” in Arabic, reflects our focus as an AI and web startup. We chose this name to represent our platform’s comprehensive capabilities in everything related to web pages.

Enter The Unicorn Builders

We see a world where any business, community, or person can create their digital presence — empowered with cutting-edge AI technology. Driven by our passion for independence and entrepreneurial spirit, we aim to inspire everyone in the world and make entrepreneurship dead simple.

Therefore, in 2023, Younes Alturkey, Abdullah Alhazmi, and Faris Alahmdi decided to confound Safha, an AI technology company.

What do we do?

Safha is building a product that allows anyone to create a stunning website with AI in minutes. Includes, CMS, CRM, and Web Payments.

Safha is determined to transform the experience of running a website for all MENA businesses, entrepreneurs, and hobbyists.

– Younes Alturkey, CEO

What makes us choose this problem to work on?

Younes Alturkey and Abdullah Alhazmi, prior to establishing Safha, co-founded the software services firm Bhr.sa. During their three-year tenure, they notably worked with numerous clients, with the majority of projects centered around enhancing company websites.

Over 200 million people use the internet in MENA, and they don’t have a website builder that serves them.

Wix.com holds a 43% share in the global website builder market, yet users from Saudi Arabia, UAE, and other MENA nations have a minimal presence; less than 1%, revealing several gaps and pain points.

WordPress.org, powering 63% of the web, is popular in MENA with about 500k websites. However, its complexity makes it unsuitable for non-technical users, especially in setting up landing pages.

Despite the global count of 1.13 billion websites, the Middle East has a notably small share, largely due to the lack of a region-specific, user-friendly website builder.

Market Insights We Have

  1. Non-technical people struggle with using current website builders
  2. They opt for freelancers for simple landing pages costing them $300+ or do it themselves
  3. Those who use Wix or WordPress themselves end up with subpar websites they later abandon
  4. Users need formatted content and web design expertise when using website builders
  5. Virtually all website builders don’t have acceptable support for RTL and Arabic languages

The solution we are working to bring to the world

We are developing a website builder platform designed to simplify the creation and management of effective websites for non-technical users, who form the majority.

The platform is software-as-a-service that features an AI website builder, AI-powered Content Management System, Customer Relation Manager, Brand Generator, Automated Blog Generator, and Web Payments Processor.

We expect to go live with the MVP version of the product in April 2024.

Are you a vitamin or an antibiotic?

We see our solution as an antibiotic. It’s paramount to have a website to succeed in the world today.

App stores and banks do not accept you without having a website live with your content and brand.

People don’t trust you if you don’t have a website live with your content and brand.

We believe the lie website count is low in MENA because no one has offered this region the product it doesn’t know it needs.

What is your competitive advantage?

Like all the greats, we too believe that competition is for losers.

Our competitive edge lies in our deep understanding of the problem we’re solving and our familiarity with the needs of our users.

Our product incorporates Arabic and Right-to-Left (RTL) support, along with Arabic content generation. Additionally, we offer integrations with local services, including regional payment gateways, providing invaluable resources to our users.

Unlike Wix.com, which shows limited interest in MENA, Safha is fully committed to supporting and catering to the region.

What is our market?

Our market is the $1.8B Website Builder market.

We don’t seek to be better, but different. We want to create something people want.

They say good startups take market share, but great ones create a market and then dominate for the benefit of the customers. Safha aims to create a market or at least a new category in the website builders space.

Did we raise any rounds?

No, we decided to bootstrap the company in its pre-seed state.

We have plans to apply to YC in batch Winter 2025 after finding product market fit hopefully and raise a seed round then.

Who inspired you?

As driven and passionate technologists and engineers, we’ve always been inspired by the surrounding technology to innovate and enhance people’s lives with our creations.

Nevertheless, we’re following in the footsteps of great Saudi startups like Salla, Zid, and Foodics.



Safha is building a product that allows anyone to create a stunning website with AI in minutes. Includes, CMS, CRM, and Web Payments.

Founded by three seasoned engineers in web and AI, we are committed to creating a revolutionary product that truly meets people’s needs.