We Are Different

Create a stunning website with AI in minutes.

Aggressive long-term expansion

We Leapt To The Future

Our Why

Vision and Mission

Envisioning a world where every dreamer becomes a groundbreaking entrepreneur. A future illuminated by AI, where each digital business marks a new dawn of hope and opportunity.

To revolutionize digital entrepreneurship, break down barriers, and ignite the potential within every aspiring individual.

Our Values

Contrarians and Nonconformists

Explorer's Spirit

We thrive on passion for people, ideas, and mysteries, choosing exploration over certainty and embracing diverse perspectives.

Grit Ever More

In our startup's dynamic world, audacious goals breed inevitable failures. We see each setback as a chance to hone our craft.

Gentle Giants

Safha values humility and inclusivity, avoids arrogance, and is always open to evolving and improving practices.

Conquerors' Resolve

Safha rejects cynicism, believing insight and effort conquer challenges. We are dedicated, long-term optimists in every endeavor.

One Person Army

At Safha, we're solo warriors with high skill and versatility, adept at various roles and diverse challenges.

Ever Ablaze

Safha radiates infectious energy and warmth, fueling excitement and forging a welcoming vibe for everyone.

We've got answers

What piques your interest?

Safha is a Saudi artificial intelligence technology company based in Riyadh determined to create a new category in the website builder market.

Safha was founded in 2023 in Riyadh by 3 founders: Younes Alturkey, Abdullah Alhazmi, and Faris Alahmadi.

We see a world where any business, community, or person can create their digital presence — empowered with cutting-edge AI technology. Driven by our passion for independence and entrepreneurial spirit, we aim to inspire everyone in the world and make entrepreneurship dead simple.

Safha builds the first autopilot platform for the generation and automation of effective digital presences.

Yes, Safha is built to be a VC-backed rapidly growing startup.

No, we're not currently raising a round.

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