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Safha is building a product that allows anyone to create an AI website in minutes.

Safha is a Saudi AI technology company based in Riyadh.

Safha was founded in 2023 in Riyadh by 3 founders: Younes Alturkey, Abdullah Alhazmi, and Faris Alahmadi.

We see a world where any business, community, or person can create their digital presence — empowered with cutting-edge AI technology. Driven by our passion for independence and entrepreneurial spirit, we aim to inspire everyone in the world and make entrepreneurship dead simple.

Safha builds the first autopilot platform for the generation and automation of effective digital presences.

Safha has 6 values, Explorer's Spirit, Grit Ever More, Gentle Giants, Conquerors' Resolve, One Person Army, and Ever Ablaze.

Websites Creation

Learn how to use our features to create websites using AI techniques.

Using the AI website builder from Safha, a custom website is created for the user with complete content and ready for use. The user just answers a few questions and the creation is done within minutes.

Of course you can. You can completely edit the content with the help of AI.

You can't edit the design at this time, but you can recreate the entire design.

Yes, you can extract the code for your entire website with ease.

Yes, you can link any custom domain name to your websites on Safha.

Support and Updates

Investigate Safha subscription benefits, including support types and how to seek assistance.

We are available on all social media platforms. You can also use the chat at the bottom of the screen or send an email to [email protected].

Expect an immediate response from our team or a maximum of 8 hours.

Yes, we are committed to developing and improving the platform and adding new features.

We are very sorry. Please contact us as soon as possible, as we are available in many areas, such as the chat at the bottom of the screen and social media platforms.

Please use our platform for requests for new features and we promise that they will be analyzed and possibly added to the platform soon.