Having A Website Makes You Succeed

Having A Website Makes You Succeed

The Safha team researches to show you how a good website can boost your services and presence online.

Access The Globe

More than 4.9 billion people globally are internet users. This means a website can be a global tool for businesses to connect with a large audience, regardless of location.

Consumers Will Search For You

81% of shoppers search online before buying. This shows that an online presence helps businesses sway customers’ choices.

They Trust You More

75% of people judge a company’s trustworthiness by its website design. This means a well-designed website is key to gaining trust and turning visitors into customers.

People Are Mobile

Over half of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. This means having a website that works well on smartphones and tablets is crucial to reach many potential customers.

Customers Look For Local Services

46% of Google searches seek local info. A website optimized for local SEO helps businesses appear in these searches, attracting local customers.

Play To Win

36% of small businesses lack a website. This means having one can give you an edge, making it easier for customers to find and pick your business over others without a website.

Let It Work For You 24/7

Your website operates around the clock, offering info and services even when your actual location is closed. This lets customers interact with your business anytime, boosting chances of making a sale.

Marketing Leverage

Content marketing brings in 3 times more leads than traditional marketing at 62% less cost. A website acts as a center for this, attracting and engaging audiences more affordably.

Grow Growth

E-commerce sales may hit $6.38 trillion by 2024. This suggests that businesses with e-commerce websites can benefit from the increasing trend of online shopping.

A Website Is Expected

84% of people think a website makes a business look more trustworthy than just having social media. This means a website is key to meeting customer expectations and appearing professional online.


  1. Access The Globe: A website connects businesses globally with over 4.9 billion internet users
  2. Consumers Will Search For You: 81% of shoppers research online before purchasing, highlighting the need for an online presence
  3. They Trust You More: A well-designed website increases trust among 75% of people who equate it with company credibility
  4. People Are Mobile: Mobile-friendly websites are essential as over half of internet traffic comes from mobile devices
  5. Customers Look For Local Services: 46% of Google searches are for local information, making local SEO crucial for attracting nearby customers
  6. Play To Win: Having a website gives businesses an advantage over the 36% of small businesses without one
  7. Let It Work For You 24/7: Websites offer continuous service, even outside business hours, enhancing customer engagement
  8. Marketing Leverage: Websites facilitate content marketing, which is more effective and 62% cheaper than traditional marketing
  9. Grow Growth: E-commerce websites are key to tapping into the expected $6.38 trillion e-commerce market by 2024
  10. A Website Is Expected: 84% of consumers see websites as a sign of a more credible business compared to just a social media presence